Scopes of November Exams 2020:

Grade 8 Scopes

Grade 9 Scopes

Grade 10 Scopes

Grade 11 Scopes


November Timetables and Instructions 2020:

Learners who have been granted exemption will write in an isolated venue.

Details will follow soon.

Grade 8 Timetable

Grade 9 Timetable

Grade 10 Timetable

Grade 11 Timetable

Grade 12 Timetable

 Grade 12 Supplementary Timetable


COVID-19 Screening Procedure - Preparatory Examinations

Examination notes - Preparatory Examinations 

Final Timetable for Preparatory Examinations


Final Timetable for NSC Final Examinations

Final Examination Timetable for Supplementary and MEO candidates

Please note that the 2019 Supplementary Examinations will be run with the NSC Final Examinations