Passionate participation is paramount at Victoria Park and learners are encouraged to develop their own unique talents and interests. The aspect of cultural awareness and appreciation is deepened through the wide diversity of extra-mural activities and social clubs that Victoria Park offers. Groups and societies include:


Music is offered on two levels:

Music as a subject – as part of the curriculum

Extra-curricular instrumental tuition – which is offered subject to available teaching time and in order of merit.

The Music Department offers tuition in the following instruments:

Piano, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone (Alto and Tenor), Brass, Drum kit and percussion, Violin, Vocal tuition, Rock and Classical Guitar, Steelpan


The school choir is a mixed choir in four voices, consisting of seventy-three members. Rehearsals take place every Friday afternoon. Every alternate year, the choir normally makes up the bulk of the cast of our Musical. Every other year the choir focusses on participating in local Eistedfodds, Festivals and the school’s own concerts, including the VP Music Experience, The Spring concert and the Arts Festival. The repertoire of the choir this year will include, musical theatre, American spiritual and traditional African songs.

Steel Band

VP has a senior and a junior steelband. Rehearsals take place on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. “pan x” , the senior band performs regularly. These include performances at the Wildsfees and Corporate functions at the Red Location Museum, Lake de la Vie, Algoa Bay Yacht Club and numerous school functions. The repertoire of the band includes music from the Beatles, Bob Marley, Coldplay as well as Toto’s famous “Africa” and various South African artists.

Jazz Band

The Jazz Band which varies between 12 and 18 players at any given time. Players must be of a competent standard to join the Jazz Band. The band is made up of Saxophones, Trumpets, Trombones, Drums, Bass Guitar, Guitar, Keyboards and an Auxiliary percussionist. A new addition will also include jazz vocalists. We perform a variety of music ranging from Pop, Rock to Jazz Standards, with a strong emphasis on improvisation and expression.

Concert Band

The Concert Band encompasses all the wind instruments the school provides tuition for as well as percussion. It is the largest ensemble at the school and players must be of at least a Grade 3 level in order to join the band. The Band performs a wide variety of music ranging from Movie soundtracks to Classical pieces and Rock. We perform at School Reunions, Eisteddfods, Prize-givings, etc. This year, we will also be adding vocalists to our performances.


Ballroom dancing is offered to the Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 on a Monday evening between 7-8pm. Two instructors from the dance studio, ‘Dare to Dance’ teach various Ballroom and Latin American dances as well as Line dances.

The learners who do Ballroom have the option of doing their dance exam at the end of the year at their respective level. The dance year is then concluded by an annual Spring Ball


A debate is, basically, an argument. That is not to say that it is an undisciplined shouting match between parties that passionately believe in a particular point of view. In fact the opposite is true. Debating has strict rules of conduct and quite sophisticated arguing techniques and you will often be in a position where you will have to argue the opposite of what you believe in.

The debating society at VP consists of a number of dedicated and passionate members. Both our junior and senior teams fiercely compete in the Port Elizabeth/Uitenhage league, in which over twenty schools in the bay area participate. We also compete in various competitions, such as the Annual Alexander Road High School Debating Festival and the NMMU Law Debating competition.


Drama-related activities include our One-Act Plays’ Festival, our biennial musical and our three-day Arts Festival held every alternate year where learners are encouraged to participate in and appreciate the various creative art forms such as music, dance, poetry, visual art, photography and various theatre performances in order to encourage and nurture a love of the Arts. There is, in addition to these activities, an Impulse group which meets every Monday afternoon to enjoy spontaneous theatre games and activities. Creative writing forms a section of this as well.


The cultural society was formed in 2006, by Mrs Nomsa Mafeke, and is a society focused on showcasing and embracing the cultural diversity of Victoria Park High School. The society’s motto is “Embracing diversity.” The Cultural Society is a well known society amoungst VP pupils, it is known for the cultural choir and events such as Africa Day, The Cultural Assembly and the annual Cultural Day in September. 


Every year the VP Department of English hosts the much anticipated oratory competition. In the weeks leading up to the competition learners in this society engage in workshops that prepare and shape them to be more effective and confident speakers, and help them to master the invaluable skill of effective public speaking.


This society is open to anyone with enthusiasm, the ability to identify a great photo opportunity, and who loves to view life and capture experiences through the click of a button and the zoom of a lens. The society enjoys outings to scenic or significant places, and is responsible for collecting photographs at memorable events and special events involving the school.

To be a member of the Photographic Society one does not have to have the very best camera, one just needs to make the best of the camera that you have!


The Quiz Society is home to all General Knowledge enthusiasts and has proved to be quite popular among pupils. At present quiz has a membership of approximately 30 pupils. We meet every Wednesday and Thursday afternoon to practise and we have great fun playing various trivia games to improve our general knowledge.

Our quiz pupils, affectionately known as “quizzards” compete in a highly competitive Inter-schools quiz league and write a number of general knowledge quiz Olympiads.



Any learner at VPHS with a passion for reading, a love for the written word is welcome to join Book Club. Read, Meet, Discuss books in an informal and fun way is the aim. The society also enjoys outings to book launches as well as the Annual Shakespeare Festival.

“If You are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people” Chinese Proverb



ACC (AIDS Caring Committee) is a volunteer group of learners who uphold lifestyle values and choices that can safeguard their generation and themselves from HIV infection. They have a particular attachment to the House of Resurrection AIDS Haven.


ECO (Environmental Caring Organisation) is an environmental awareness organisation which, inter alia, creates recycling opportunities for the school, making VP a greener school.


First Aid

First Aiders are an ever-present force at Victoria Park. Trained for their valuable work, they tirelessly offer their services at derby days and all sport fixtures.


Affiliated to Rotary International, school Interact Clubs are well-known for their philanthropic character. At Victoria Park, the Interact Club holds a special place in her plethora of clubs and societies.


Victoria Park is represented on the Junior City Council, a youth leadership council that seeks to serve the community of Port Elizabeth. Our school has a strong tradition of being represented on the executive of this prestigious council.


PAW (Protecting Animals World-Wide) is Victoria Park’s animal anti-cruelty organisation. Victorians raise funds to support animal charities and spend much of their spare time grooming and treating animals in need.

Peer Promoters

Affiliated to the SANBS, the Peer Promoters are a group of learners who encourage their peers to donate blood to save lives. Our school hosts the SANBS several times a year.

Sound and Lighting Crew

A small group of learners that are trained to work with advanced sound and lighting equipment to aid and serve the school with everything from normal assemblies to full productions.


Teenagers Against Drug Abuse. This society aims to educate learners about the dangers of substance abuse. The society raises funds by selling ribbons, having cake sales and by hosting various other events. The society incorporates and educates members to make healthy lifestyle choices, free from substance abuse.


TAG (Teenage Action Group) is a society that organises many events at Victoria Park, such as Pizza Day, the Sports Extravaganza, and our signature event Mr and Miss VP. TAG raises money for the matric gift to the school but our main aim is to assist those in need in our school community. Our work at Victoria Park represents our motto “by the pupils, for the pupils”



LIFE (Love Is For Everyone) is our school’s student Christian organisation.

VP Toastmasters

Organised by the Algoa Toastmasters Club, the Youth Leadership Program teaches learners not only how to speak in public but also to manage formal meetings and to be effective listeners. The coordinators and advisors are all excellent public speakers in their own right and are qualified to assess learners in this regard. At the end of 8 weeks learners graduate at a formal supper where they receive internationally recognized certificates of competency. Universities recognize this qualification ahead of first team sports as part of their acceptance criteria.


Victoria Park has a proud tradition of team spirit and participation in sports. Derby Days against our local rival schools are fiercely contested, while many sports participate in school leagues that embrace schools from the entire Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage area. Several sports undertake regular tours to other centres to play matches or tournaments against national opposition.

The school teams and individual representatives have yielded excellent results in all competitive sports. A large number of our sportsmen and women have been included in provincial and other representative teams in recent years.

Sporting achievement at all levels is recognized and rewarded through the school’s Colours award system. In addition, the school’s First Teams are invited, with their parents, to an annual Sports Dinner, on which occasion a Team of the Year is announced by the headmaster.

The school boasts a fully-equipped gymnasium for the use of our learners. A professional exercise specialist and a physiotherapist are available to oversee the training programmes offered to our various sports teams.

Our results, news and special achievements are posted to our Facebook page regularly. Please visit us there.


All sports are offered to boys and girls, unless stated otherwise.

Athletics, Chess, Cricket, Hiking, Hockey, Horse-riding, Netball (girls only), Paddling, Rugby (boys only), Soccer, Squash, Swimming, Tennis



The purpose of the Award Structure at this school is to promote, encourage, recognize and reward the following:

Passionate participation in school activities

Loyalty and commitment

Service to the school, fellow learners and the broader community

Achievement of excellence in any field.



The awards system is divided into two areas, namely Achievement and Participation.


Participation Awards

Participation awards reward, in particular, pupils participating in the cultural sphere of the school. Players playing non-first team sport are also rewarded by means of the “participation award.”


Achievement Awards

Achievement awards reward pupils who achieve in their chosen activity. These are pupils representing the school’s first teams or achieving greater success in the cultural sphere of the school.



Awards may be made for the following:

Academic excellence

Participation in any extra-curricular activities offered by the school

Achievement in any extra-curricular activities offered by the school

Awards shall be made according to fixed criteria.

Criteria shall be drawn up and reviewed from time to time by the teachers in charge of the various activities; these criteria shall then be submitted to the colours committee for approval.

The Colours Committee shall ordinarily consist of the Principal, one of the deputies, Teachers in charge of Boys and Girls’ Sport and the Sports Co-Ordinator. In addition, the Colours Committee may co-opt any person, whether teacher or otherwise, who may be competent to advise the Committee on any decisions being made.

Learners shall ordinarily be put forward for awards by the teachers in charge of a particular activity.

Copies of criteria shall be available to all teachers and learners.

The following general criteria shall apply to the various awards, unless, for some special reason, they are waived by the Colours Committee:


Participation (Sports/Cultural)

Consecutive years of participation – Silver Certificate

Consecutive years of participation – Gold Certificate

Consecutive years of participation – VICTORIAN PLATINUM Certificate


Achievement Awards


A scroll will be awarded to any player who plays in at least 60% of the 1st team matches. Junior players who represent regional teams will be rewarded by means of a scroll.


Half colours will be awarded to any player who plays in at least 80% of the 1st team matches for at least 2 consecutive years / seasons. Players that are selected to represent regional “B” teams will be rewarded by means of half colours.


Full colours will be awarded to senior players who represent a regional “A” team or who, in the opinion of the “Colours Committee” are of provincial standard.


Honours will be awarded to any player that is selected to represent any national team or who achieves on a national level. Each case to be viewed on its own merits.


Learners who have outstanding achievements in these areas may be rewarded with Colours and Honours at the discretion of the Colours Committee.


PLEASE NOTE: The above criteria shall apply to school sport only.

Players who achieve similar achievements in non-school sports will receive special awards from the school, but not Colours or Honours.

The colours committee may decline to award FULL COLOURS / HONOURS to a learner whose general conduct and record of behaviour is likely to bring the school into disrepute.