ACC (AIDS Caring Committee) is a volunteer group of learners who uphold lifestyle values and choices that can safeguard their generation and themselves from HIV infection. They have a particular attachment to the House of Resurrection AIDS Haven.




ECO (Environmental Caring Organisation) is an environmental awareness organisation which, inter alia, creates recycling opportunities for the school, making VP a greener school.



First Aid

First Aiders are an ever-present force at Victoria Park. Trained for their valuable work, they tirelessly offer their services at derby days and all sport fixtures.




Affiliated to Rotary International, school Interact Clubs are well-known for their philanthropic character. At Victoria Park, the Interact Club holds a special place in her plethora of clubs and societies.




Victoria Park is represented on the Junior City Council, a youth leadership council that seeks to serve the community of Port Elizabeth. Our school has a strong tradition of being represented on the executive of this prestigious council.




PAW (Protecting Animals World-Wide) is Victoria Park's animal anti-cruelty organisation. Victorians raise funds to support animal charities and spend much of their spare time grooming and treating animals in need.



Peer Promoters

Affiliated to the SANBS, the Peer Promoters are a group of learners who encourage their peers to donate blood to save lives. Our school hosts the SANBS several times a year.



Sound and Lighting Crew

A small group of learners that are trained to work with advanced sound and lighting equipment to aid and serve the school with everything from normal assemblies to full productions.




Teenagers Against Drug Abuse. This society aims to educate learners about the dangers of substance abuse. The society raises funds by selling ribbons, having cake sales and by hosting various other events. The society incorporates and educates members to make healthy lifestyle choices, free from substance abuse.




TAG (Teenage Action Group) is a society that organises many events at Victoria Park, such as Pizza Day, the Sports Extravaganza, and our signature event Mr and Miss VP. TAG raises money for the matric gift to the school but our main aim is to assist those in need in our school community. Our work at Victoria Park represents our motto "by the pupils, for the pupils".