“Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another” G.K. Chesterton


Our school library is named the Pearson Library in honour of a former headmaster, Mr GAC Pearson.


As a very active part of the school and with a large component of scholar librarians, the life of the book is by no means dead. With a variety of books ranging from fiction to non-fiction and reference books aplenty, the learners are spoilt for choice. Current trends amongst teens are kept abreast of in order to keep the interest in books alive with relevant topics and authors. Computers with internet are available to the learners for use during break-times and after school.


The library is a quiet place of refuge for those who seek it. You may want to just drift away in a book or do some studying and if so then the library is an excellent choice of venue.


At the gym you can find various methods and equipment to help get you in shape and assure you meet your goals. The focus is on functional training as per the business model, therefore the equipment in the gym will push a client in that direction. The aim is to train any client for any goal and achieve it by functionally working and building a fitter, stronger and holistic individual.

Depending on the client and his or her needs, no matter the age, a training plan will be designed to ensure the best possible outcome for each individual. Much consideration and care goes into each program together with excellent delivery and explanation of the program to ensure the client benefits most out of the experience. Personal training, group training and sports conditioning are a few of the services that can be provided.

Timing Structure
Monday – Friday: 6am and 7 am & 4:30 pm – 7 pm.

Additional times can be arranged on appointment.


Shop telephone number:  041 508 6420

New and (limited) secondhand clothing at reasonable prices

New brown school shoes (Bata Toughees, Grasshoppers, Bronx)

Stationery and exercise books

All sports clothing

School bags and kit bags

Ties, badges, scrolls, hair ties, scarves, gloves

We have debit/credit card facilites and also accept cash.

No American Express / Diners Cards Accepted


2 Netball courts / 4 Tennis courts

1 Rugby field & a shared field with soccer

1 Soccer field & one at school

2 Cricket fields & 8 Cricket Nets in the summer

1 Astro Turf and a Hockey field

Athletics practices are held at the Westbourne Oval

Swimming practices are held at VP Grey Primary & Newton Park Swimming Pool

Squash practices are held at Crusaders Squash Club

Waterpolo practices are held at Newton Park Swimming Pool and league at Alexander Road High School Swimming Complex


The idea of a clubhouse started with Mr Blake in 1993. He and the Governing Body of the time, lead by Chairman Mr Noel Staples and member Mr Brian Barnes, who worked for Spoornet, bought two old railway coaches and installed them at the Dave Weinronk fields. After much work and cleaning, done largely by Mr Hans and Mrs Yvonne Ihlenfeldt, “The Coaches” were ready to be taken into service in 1994, the year Mr Blake passed away.

They occupied the site of the present Victorian and hosted many a staff party, Derby Day lunch and private function. Over the years, the weather and wear and tear took their toll on the coaches, and they had in any case become too small for the increasing demands made on them. A new clubhouse was needed.