Grade 9

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Werksopdragte Kwartaal 2

Perfek - notas

Perfek Audio explanations:

Hoofstuk 1&2     Hoofstuk 3     Hoofstuk 4&5     Hoofstuk 6&7

Hoofstuk 8     Hoofstuk 9     Hoofstuk 10     Hoofstuk 11     Hoofstuk 12

Hoofstuk 13     Hoofstuk 14     Hoofstuk 15     Hoofstuk 16

Hoofstuk 17&18     Hoofstuk 19&20     Hoofstuk 21 Deel 1     Hoofstuk 21 Deel 2

Rooikoos - notas

 Kontak - Gedig en notas

Kontak - PowerPoint explanation

Note that if you want to hear the audio explanation, you have to download the PowerPoint show

General Information note

Taalopdrag - Revision paper

Najaarsdroom - Gedig en notas

Gedigte memo

Werkskedule 6-13 Mei

Taalopdrag memo (bl. 39)

Taaloefeninge memo bl. 51

Taaloefeninge memo bl. 59, 62

Taaloefeninge memo bl. 63, 67

Werkskedule 14-20 Mei

Hersiening memo bl. 42, 54, 68

Taaloefeninge memo bl. 72, 79

Werkskedule 21-29 Mei



creative arts

Drama - Term 2

Visual Arts - Term 2

Music Assignment

Music Poster Assignment

Music Textbook (Term 1)

Music Textbook (Term 2)


Timetable Week 1-4

Work Schedule 4-8 May

Information letter

Work Schedule 11-15 May

"How to Enunciate" YouTube video

Drama Tongue Twisters

Drama Key Words PowerPoint

Work Schedule 18-22 May

Visual Art Key Words Sculptures PowerPoint

Work Schedule 25-29 May

Visual Art Colour Wheel Explanation PowerPoint

Visual Art Key Words 2D PowerPoint



economic and management sciences

Lockdown Extended Work Schedule (6-15 May)

Lockdown Extended Work Schedule (18-22 May)

Business Studies

Lesson 1     Lesson 2     Lesson 3     Lesson 4     Lesson 5

Lesson 6     Lesson 7     Lesson 11     Lesson 12

Price Theory PowerPoint

Sectors of the Economy PowerPoint

Lesson 15     Lesson 16 (18-22 May)



Debtors explanation (voice)

Task 13 Explanation video (new - 14 May - only 23mb now)

Task 13 memo

Task 14 Explanation video (new - 15 May - only 28mb now)

Task 14 memo

Lesson 8     Lesson 9     Lesson 10     Lesson 13

Lesson 8 memo

Lesson 14     Lesson 17     Lesson 18 (18-22 May)

Task 15 Explanation video

Task 16 Explanation video



On the last day of Term 1 literature novels were handed out to all Grade 9 pupils (The Outsiders).

This is to be read completely during the lockdown period.

Pupils who were not at school on this day can find a digital copy of the novel here.

It is vitally important to read through this novel as it will form part of the June exams.


The Outsiders Module

Outsiders - Reading Test Chapter 1 - 3     Memo

Outsiders - Reading Test Chapter 4 - 6     Memo

Outsiders - Reading Test Chapter 7 - 9     Memo

Outsiders - Reading Test Chapter 10 - 12     Memo

Narative Structure memo

Summaries 1 - 5 memo

Lockdown Extended Work Schedule - May 2020

Template for Eyewitness Report & Email

Memo 4-8 May

Memo 11-15 May

Memo 18-22 May




Task 2

Izibizo notes

Lockdown Extended Work Schedule (6-15 May)

Additional notes

Lockdown Extended Work Schedule (18-29 May)



life orientation

Task 1     Task 2     Task 3

Task 4 (Physical Education - Term 2)

Task 5     Task 6

Lockdown Extended Work Schedule (May)

Task 7     Task 8     Task 9

Task 10 & 11




Algebra Revision video

Algebra Introduction to Terminology Recap

Algebraic Expressions Homework

Revision Homework memo

Revision of Grade 8 Maths note memo

FOIL Method video

Algebraic Expressions Homework

FOIL Method memo

Products - Bi-Trinomials video

Algebraic Expressions Homework

Algebraic Equations Worksheet

Linear Equations Homework

Linear Equations video

Algebraic Fractions - Expressions video

Algebraic Fractions - Equations video

Fractional Equations memo

Exponential Equations video

Exponential Homework

Exponential Equations memo

Grade 9 Word Problems video

Word Sums memo (new 9 May)

Geometry of Straight lines - Part 1 video

Geometry of Straight lines - Part 2 video

Geometry of Straight lines notes

Geometry of Straight lines memo

Classification of Triangles video

Properties of Triangles video

Triangles including Algebra video

Triangles Worksheet

Triangle Textbook Homework memo

Properties of Quadrilaterals video

Quadrilaterals easy examples video

Combination Example video

Quadrilateral Tree notes

Quadrilateral Homework memo

Congruency Introduction video

Congruency Triangles Rap video

Identifying Congruent Triangles video

Proving Congruency video

Congruency notes

Congruency memo pg. 161 & 164 (new 9 May)

Revision Exercise memo (new 9 May)

Similarity of Triangles - Introduction video

Similarity of Triangles - Solving for x video

Similarity memo

Exercise 1 pg. 188+189 memo

Pythagoras Theorem video

The Theorem of Pythagoras

Term 2 Investigation

Converse Theorem of Pythagoras video

Converse Theorem of Pythagoras notes

Lockdown Extended Work scedule (4-10 May)

Worksheet 1 - Exponents

Worksheet 2 - Products

Worksheet 3 - Equations

Worksheet 4 - Congruency

Worksheet 5 - Similarities

Worksheet 1 - Exponents memo

Worksheet 2 - Products memo

Worksheet 3 - Equations memo

Worksheet 4 - Congruency Question 1 memo

Worksheet 4 - Congruency Question 2 memo

Lockdown Extended Work Schedule (11-15 May)

Straight Lines and Triangle notes

Quadrilaterals notes

Worksheet 6 - Straight Line Geometry

Worksheet 7 - Triangle Geometry

Worksheet 8 - Quadrilaterals

Worksheet 5 - Similarities memo

Worksheet 6 - Straight Line Geometry memo

Worksheet 7 - Triangle Geometry memo
Lockdown Extended Work Schedule (18-22 May)

Worksheet 9 - Algebraic Fractions Revision

Worksheet 10 - Algebraic Equations

Worksheet 11 - Exponents

Worksheet 12 - Congruecy

Worksheet 13 - Similarity Revision

Worksheet 9 - Algebraic Fractions Revision memo

Worksheet 10 - Algebraic Equations memo

Worksheet 11 - Exponents memo

Worksheet 12 - Congruecy memo

Worksheet 13 - Similarity Revision memo



natural sciences

Lockdown Work Schedule

Topic 6:

Revision of Bohr Diagrams

Naming Compounds note

List of Elements

Chemical Formula Worksheet

Chemical Formula Worksheet memo

Activity 1 - 8 memos

Bohr Diagram Practice memo

Balancing Equations note and activity

Activity 10 and 11 pg. 84+85 memo

Activity 12 and 13 pg. 87 memo

Topic 6 Revision memo

Introduction to Periodic Table video

Chemical Formulas video

First 20 Elements of Periodic Table video

Revision on Bohr Diagrams

Topic 6 Unit 2 - Naming Compounds

Naming Compounds from Formula video

Naming Formulas from Compound - Method 2 video

Naming Formulas from Compound - Method 1 video

Chemical Equations to Represent Reactions

Atoms in a Chemical Reaction video

Conservation of Atoms during a Reaction video

How to practice Balancing Equations at home

Balancing Chemical Equations video

Balancing Chemical Equations examples video

Extra Balancing Equations Worksheet

Chemical Equations Activity 1

Chemical Equations Activity 1 memo

Chemical Equations Activity 2

Chemical Equations Activity 2 memo

Chemical Equations Class test

Chemical Equations Class test memo

Topic 7:

General Reactions of some Metals with Oxygen video

Type of Chemical Equations when Iron Reacts with Oxygen video

Reaction of Iron with Oxygen Demonstration video

Balancing of Chemical Equation of Iron(II) and Oxygen video

Reaction of Magnesium with Oxygen video

Rusting video

Rusting notes

Reaction of Carbon with Oxygen video

Reaction of Sulfur with Oxygen video

Case Study of Matches and Combustion video

Activity 1 - 3 memos

Activity 4 & 5 memos

Activity 6 and Topic Revision memos

Lockdown Extended Work Schedule - May 2020

Topic 8:

Acids and Bases video

Indicators video

Different Indicators video

Red Cabbage Indicator video

Universal Indicator Paper video

Universal Indicator Liquid video

Writing a Scientific Report (General) video

Writing a Scientific Report (Example) video

Testing Household Substances 1 video

Testing Household Substances 2 video

Activity 1 memo

Activity 4 memo

Activity 6 memo

Revision Activity memo

Topic 9:

Neutralisation Reactions video

Demonstration Reaction between Vinegar and Bicarbonate of Soda video

Reaction between Magnesium Oxide and Water video

Balancing Reaction of Magnesium Oxide and Water video

Reaction between Carbon Dioxide and Water video

Acid Rain video

Reaction between Acids and Metal Oxides video

Balancing Reaction between Magnesium Oxide and Hydrochloric Acid video

Reaction between Sodium Hydroxide and Hydrochloric Acid video

Balancing Reaction between Sodium Hydroxide and Hydrochloric Acid video

Testable Questions 1 video

Testable Questions 2 video

Reactions of Acids with Metal Carbonates video

Reactions of Acids with Metal Carbonates 2 video

Testing of Carbon Dioxide Gas video

Uses of Acids and Bases video

How to make a Mind Map video

Topic 9 Activity 1 memo

Topic 9 Activity 2 - 4 memo

Topic 9 Activity 5 & 6 memo

Topic 9 Activity 7 & 8 memo

Topic 9 Activity 9 memo

Topic 9 Activity 10 & 11 memo

Term 2 Practical Task - Acids and Bases



social sciences


Lockdown Extended Work Schedule (4-8 May)

Memos 4-8 May

Lockdown Extended Work Schedule (11-15 May)

The Cold War

1. Why the US dropped a bomb on Japan video

2. Nuclear Weapons video

3. The Yalta Conference video

4. Who was Albert Einstein video

5. The History of Cuba video

6. Cuban Missile Crisis in 5 minutes video

7. Who Won the Space Race - Jeff Steers video

8. Space Race (Taylor Swift's Blank Space parody) video

9. The Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall video

Lockdown Extended Work Schedule (18-22 May)



The Meaning of Development

Ways of Measuring Development

The Human Development Index

Differences in Development Around the World

Geography Development Summary 2020

Development memos (new 9 May)

Lockdown Extended Work - Geography

Lockdown Extended Work Schedule (May/June) - Geography

Reasons for Differences in Development



Health and Welfare


Factors Affecting Development memo (available 31 May)

Opportunities for Development memo (available 26 June)




Lockdown Extended Work Schedule (Updated 6 May; 12:00)