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Grade 8 Academic start 2021


Academic start 2021


Due to Departmental regulations, collection of 2020 Grade 12 testimonials will be postponed until 1 Feb 2021. Collection from 7:45 - 9:00 at Thorp Hall entrance.


All new Grade 9 - 11 learners' first day at school this year will be on 15 February 2021.


Please note that Grade 8 Orientation has been postponed. Updated details will be communicated as soon as possible.


Vacancies for Principal's Secretary and School's Secretary 2021


Temporary bell times 2020


Revised Timetable post-lockdown (18 August)


Updated class split (Final update - 21 August)
Grade 8 class split for the return to school

Grade 9 class split for the return to school

Grade 10 class split for the return to school

Grade 11 class split for the return to school

Grade 12 class split for the return to school



Letter from Mr Vermaak regarding the Action Plan put in place


Letter from Mr Vermaak regarding the way forward following recent protest action


Assignments for ALL grades can be found here. These are due when the learners return to school on the 24th of August. (11 August)


All music practical lessons will continue throughout the next 3 weeks & will continue until 23 October, when holidays begin. Lessons will then resume in term 4.


COVID-19 Newsletter X - Presidential Closure


Current school times are 7:50 to 14:15 from Monday to Friday



COVID-guide from Doctors on Call and GEMS


Applications for Grades 9 to 11 for 2021 will be available from 20 July



Guide to COVID-19 Regulations while staying at home



Letter to Grade 8 and 9 parents - 3 July



Algoa Bus Notice


 Revised Grade 12 Test dates Term 2

Grade 11 and Grade 10 Test date Term 2 (8 July)


COVID-19 Back to school IV


Details of Memorial Service for Avryl Cheetham


VPHS closed from 22 June


The school day for Grade 12's will end at 14:15 from Wednesday, 10 June.


ECDOE - Restriction of visitors to schools


If any learner or employee of VPHS has been exposed to anyone who has tested positive for COVID19,

they need to make the school aware.


 Please note that the tuckshop will be open from Monday. All safety and sanitizing procedures

will be adhered to


Click here to see demonstration of the screening and sanitizing procedure to be followed from

Wednesday onwards. Pupils will be given access to and orientated on the online questionnaire on Monday

and Tuesday. From Wednesday these will be the steps to follow as pupils arrive at school:

1. Sanitize shoes
2. Scan QR code
3. Start filling in questionnaire
4. Measure temperature
5. Fill temperature in on questionnaire
6. Submit questionnaire
7. Sanitize hands
8. Permission granted


Message from Mr. Vermaak to Grade 12 pupils returning to school from 8 June


Psychological Support Guideline during and after COVID-19


Screening Procedure letter




Schools will re-open for grade 12 pupils on Monday, 8 June as instructed by the Minister of Education.

Please note that the school was ready to receive pupils today but this was vetoed by the Minister.

The procedure for returning to school is as follows: Only pupils on the Group 1 list are to arrive

at school on Monday. Group 2 will return on Tuesday. Please look at the lists sent to you to check

to which group you have been allocated. Ensure that you bring your cellphone to school for screening

and registration purposes. If you do not have a cellphone there is an alternative method of screening

and  registration in place. We look forward to seeing Group 1 on Monday. Take care and keep safe.

Mr Vermaak



Head on over to our Facebook page to

see a message from the 2020 Head Councillors.



The School Governing Body has requested that we share this video with our pupils and parents.



We have decided on an academic break for next week (25-29 May).

This is to allow learners to recharge and catch up on work in the various learning areas and subjects.



We have made provision for paying school fees at school. The bursar will be available from

Tuesday to Thursday from 9:00 to 12:00. Enter, wearing a mask, at main gate for screening.

Cash/card payments welcome.


Click here to see a video message from the VPHS staff.


Head on over to our Facebook page to see a message from the 2020 Councillors.


Head on over to our Facebook page to listen to a message from our deputy head boy,

Cameron Southern


Corona Virus - Easter Newsletter


For all the Lockdown resources and news

see top right-hand corner of page.


Please note that all sporting events (practices, matches, tours),

as well as cultural activities have been cancelled.

Click here to see the newsletter from Mr. Vermaak.