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The School Governing Body has requested that share this video with our pupils and parents.



Grade 12 class split for the return to school



We have decided on an academic break for next week (25-29 May).

This is to allow learners to recharge and catch up

on work in the various learning areas and subjects.



We have made provision for paying school fees at school. The bursar will be available from

Tuesday to Thursday from 9:00 to 12:00. Enter, wearing a mask, at main gate for screening.

Cash/card payments welcome.


Happy Mother's Day to all the special VP moms.

We miss your children! Love,

Mike Vermaak and VP family


Click here to see a video message from the VPHS staff.


Head on over to our Facebook page to see a message from the 2020 Councillors.


Head on over to our Facebook page to listen to a message from our deputy head boy,

Cameron Southern


Corona Virus - Easter Newsletter


For all the Lockdown resources and news

see top right-hand corner of page.


Please note that all sporting events (practices, matches, tours),

as well as cultural activities have been cancelled.

Click here to see the newsletter from Mr. Vermaak.


Term 2 will start on Day 9 of the timetable.