success500xVictoria Park is in the fortunate position of having a full-time school counsellor, Mr John Hutchinson, who runs the school's Guidance Department. He is also available for consultation. Mr Hutchinson is assisted by Mrs Linda Truter.


The Guidance Department has played an important and integral part in the school system by assisting learners to discover and use their unique potential to beter themselves personally.

The Guidance Counsellor works towards enabling learners to explore issues ranging from subject choice to career resource information, to more personal issues such as self-esteem, interpersonal relating, self acceptance, emotional intelligence and pro-active behavior and accountability for actions taken.

Ultimately the counselling process and guidance method in general should serve to self-empower the learner to act pro-actively through informed decision making.

The Guidance Department organizes an annual Careers Day, bringing in representatives from a wide variety of institutions, exposing learners to different course and career options available in the market place. Many bursaries have been made available to deserving candidates.