Mr Garreth Jacobson

Mr Jacobson started his teaching career at Westering High School in 1999 and left in 2008 to accept a Departmental HOD post at Victoria Park High School in 2009.

Thereafter, he had a brief stint at Erica Girls Primary in 2015 (Term 1 & Term 2) before accepting the Deputy Principal position at Clarendon Park Primary mid-way through 2015. 

He is the seventh Principal of our school and coincidentally also returns to Victoria Park High after seven years. Interestingly, according to scripture, the number seven is significant as it signifies completion and fulfilment of promises which certainly bodes well for the Victorian family. Mr Jacobson has come full circle and is once again back at Victoria Park High to lead and guide the school into a new and exciting era.


Mrs Estelle McLeod

Deputy Principal, Mrs Estelle McLeod.

Mrs McLeod is a V.P. stalwart, an ex-provincial sportswoman and is our Academic Head. She is also in charge of the HR portfolio at the school.



Mr Garreth Jacobson

Deputy Head

Mrs Estelle McLeod

Mr Conrad Ferreira

Heads of Department

Mrs Elmien du Preez

Mr Conrad Ferreira

Mr Ralton Leander

Ms Paulet Meyer

Mr Retief van der Merwe


Parent Governors

Mr Colin Sylvester, Mr Ian Whittal, Mrs Heidi Brown, Mrs Delia Southern, Mr Enzo Brazzale, Mr Jacques Visser, Mr Andrew Thompson, Ms Joelene Adams & Ms Ziphona Dumalisilie-Waka

Educator Governors

Ewald Boshoff,  Estelle McLeod & Laura Smith

Non-Educator Governor

Tracy Jessop

2023 RCL

Brooklyn Plaatjies & Savannah Clemence


Sharon Williamson



Mr. J Hutchinson		BA (Ed), HDE		Head of Guidance		Guidance Counsellor & Social Sciences		jhutchinson@vphigh.co.za

Victoria Park is in the fortunate position of having a full-time school counsellor, Mr John Hutchinson, who runs the school’s Guidance Department. He is also available for consultation. Mr Hutchinson is assisted by Mrs Linda Truter.

The Guidance Department has played an important and integral part in the school system by assisting learners to discover and use their unique potential to better themselves personally.

The Guidance Counsellor works towards enabling learners to explore issues ranging from subject choice to career resource information, to more personal issues such as self-esteem, interpersonal relating, self acceptance, emotional intelligence and pro-active behavior and accountability for actions taken.

Ultimately the counselling process and guidance method in general should serve to self-empower the learner to act pro-actively through informed decision making.

The Guidance Department organizes an annual Careers Day, bringing in representatives from a wide variety of institutions, exposing learners to different course and career options available in the market place. Many bursaries have been made available to deserving candidates.


The past pupils of Victoria Park High have been active since 1940, when the school was founded. Traditionally, there were no formal reunions and the various class groups would organise their own get-togethers, mostly at different dates and times. The driving force behind this at the time was Marintha Du Preez – Tannie Dup.

The Class of ’85, under the leadership of Kurt van Onslen, Rob Jones and others, organised themselves a fantastic 25th reunion in 2010. The website was active and a basic constitution was drafted, subsequently the Victorian Legends Association was born.

Over the years, the association has been formalised, a new constitution proposed, a permanent committee from various years was formed and meetings were held where minutes were kept.   The school recognised the new structure and the current chairman, now occupies a seat on the governing body. Sharon Atkinson (1982) was appointed as liaison between the Legends and the school.

The mission of the Victorian Legends is:

  • To keep in contact with all past pupils of VP
  • To organise and fund reunions for past pupils
  • To support and assist the school in any way possible.


To this end, we organise annual reunions, whereby committee members liaises with class reps representing the different years, the Legends committee communicates with past pupils via regular newsletters, raises funds through various means one of which is old scholars paying yearly subs as well as participating in various projects around the school where possible.


Rynhardt Gerber is a dedicated and hard worker. He always puts the needs of others above his own. Rynhardt matriculated from Pearson High in the year 2011 where he had gathered various achievements including first team rugby, a toastmasters certificate and deputy head boy. Rynhardt possesses good leadership skills and is a well-rounded person. He is ambitious and currently doing his Post Grad Business administration at honors level. He has graduated with his BHMS degree (human movement science) qualification and has completed a sports massage course.

He believes in equality and quality of service, treating each client as an individual and not as a number or object of income. He not only teaches and leads others but constantly seeks to learn and improve on his own knowledge and skills. He has at least four years of experience in his field besides the fact that he is actively involved in training and coaching.

He is running a successful business, Wellness-Thru-Function, open to the public, together with assisting and conditioning various sporting teams from swimming to rugby at Victoria Park High School.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” Nelson Mandela